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Your partner that Works Wonders



By pursuing the delivery of innovative and highest quality workmanship, crafted with renewable materials whenever possible, we aim to continuously increase our output by encouraging progressive commercial activities - with both our direct Clients and Partners, while preserving the overall customer satisfaction through rewarded efforts of our dedicated Team across our global offices.



Be the exhibition stand-building leader by designing, creating and delivering superior show presence every time by following European standards of expo craftsmanship; rendering strong long-term relationships with our direct and indirect Clients through their complete satisfaction and allowing us to become your exhibition partner that Works Wonders.



We are people, work with people, our business IS people. We are global, different and multicultural. We are creatively ‘one’.We confront our limitations with each project. We strive to aim higher. We encourage collective prodigy through collaboration at all levels. We sustain quality of delivery through our passion for continued success. We promote responsible and ethical entrepreneurial progression.


ExpoGlobal Group Antwerp

Saffierstraat, 5
2200 Herentals,
Antwerp, Belgium
+32 3 485 52 22

Our Belgian headquarters manage the global commercial affairs in addition to providing sales, design and production facilities for all of our European as well as international corporate Clients. Vital in coordinating our overall business direction, Antwerp is the seat of our Management and from where we lead all of our key corporate strategies.


ExpoGlobal Group Dubai

CEO Building, 10, 17th street,
Dubai Investment Park 1 - Jebel Ali
Dubai, UAE
+971 4 548 5887

We are perfectly positioned to support all of our local, regional as well as international Clients looking to capitalize on The Gulf’s massive economic expansion by providing turnkey exhibition presence services from our production facilities in Dubai. Our UAE office is also very active and successful in delivering various expo projects in Africa and Asia.

International Federation of Exhibition and Event

The “global collaboration network”. That’s how we have chosen to explain what IFES is, in three words. But to understand what IFES is you have to go into deeper detail. IFES represents more than 250 companies from around the globe. Each of these companies has signed the IFES Code of Conduct – a kind of constitution which rules the collaboration within the whole network. So, if an IFES partner serves the customer of another member, both, the customer and member know that they will be treated in a professional manner from a company upholding the highest of quality standards.